For teachers

These #NotTheOne education resources are for use in a classroom setting.

Launched in South Wales in 2022, #NotTheOne aims to reduce youth knife crime by utilising expert evidence and insights to create messages that strongly resonate with young people.

These education resources are designed to help teachers better understand the issue and be more confident about engaging with young people.

The aim is to help educate and empower young people, making it clear that they will be safer without carrying a knife. It is a comprehensive toolkit designed to tackle knife crime through education, conversation and practical skill-building.

We encourage you to use these resources to create a safer and more aware environment for our young people.

Explore the resources for teachers

Lesson plan

Get an outline of how to run a #NotTheOne session in your classroom.

Knife Crime: Know the facts

This resource aims to provide an overview of this topic and support young people in making safer choices.

Discussion exercises: The cost of carrying a knife

These exercises show different experiences of knife crime.

Managing conflict: Exercises for young people

This resource focuses on helping young people develop skills to help them deal with conflict and reduce the chances of a situation becoming violent.

Knife crime in the UK: A quiz for young people

This quiz aims to educate and encourage thoughtful discussion of knife crime and its impacts.

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