You have a say in your future. Make it one that’s free from knives.

Carrying a knife won’t keep you safe. In fact, statistics show that you’re more likely to get hurt. A different future, free from knives, is possible – one with opportunities, security and hope.

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There’s people out there like me. We want to help you. There’s always a choice. There’s always hope.

Harry was carrying a knife that night. It didn’t keep him safe.

The minute you pick up that knife, you either end up using it, or one gets used on you.

Help and advice

There is always a way to live a life without knives. If knives are affecting your life or the life of someone you know, you don’t have to face it alone.

Help and advice


For teachers

Provoke discussion and reflection with our lesson plans, presentations, videos and discussion exercises that all support the Curriculum for Wales.

For parents and youth workers

Advice from professionals on how best to approach an honest conversation about the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife.

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